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Bespoke Dental Tips: Cold Sores


“Cold sores are embarrassing and painful. If you get them on a regular basis, ask your doctor about Valacyclovir. It is a safe antiviral medication that specifically targets the viral DNA. If taken in the appropriate dosage, and at the first sign of tingling, itching or burning, you can prevent the blister from forming. You should also recognize that cold sores are highly contagious. You can easily spread them from one spot on your body to another, or even to people you kiss or share utensils with. With that said, do not touch them. Do not try to pop them. Avoid kissing. Just leave them alone. If the area is painful and you can not resist the urge to play with it, then I suggest something like Denavir or Abreva. When you apply it to the area, do so with a cotton swab. If you want more advice on how to prevent or manage them, please make an appointment at our office or see your treating dentist.”

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